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Context of the school

 Sacred Heart is a mixed comprehensive that serves an inner city area with very high levels of deprivation; our cohort is derived from the top 5% of most socio-economic deprived wards. A high proportion of our students are from minority ethnic backgrounds (95%) and for whom English is not their home language (52%). Over a third (38%) of our students are entitled to Pupil Premium funding.


Qualification Provision

The majority of our students take three A-levels. A few opt to take four at the beginning of Year 12.  BTECS are offered in Applied Science, Music and Health and Social Care.  Cambridge Technical Award is available in PE.


Policies and Processes Used to  Predicted Grades

Students sit assessments in several formal exam weeks in November and February of each year. AS exams are taken in many, but all subjects, at the end of Year 12.   

These assessment periods play a major role in evidencing predicted grades, although professional judgments and in-class assessments are also taken into account. 

Staff are required to give their first estimate of a predicted grade before the end of Year 12, which is shared with the students. Dialogues occur between the Head of Sixth Form, subject teachers and students. This allows the students an opportunity to demonstrate progress in the coming months and allows predicted grades to be amended where necessary.

The School does not give predictions for the Extended Project Qualification as the assessment method and qualification structure are not suited to predictions.

Further information can be provided if required by Sarah Bonar, Head of Sixth Form: