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A Level Results 2022

A Level Success at Sacred Heart!

Following two years of teacher assessment grades and a government warning of a rise in grade boundaries I was, along with all my teachers, very anxious about this year’s results. I am therefore delighted to report that our pupils have not only done well, but have improved significantly upon 2019 results.

I can report that the overall figure for the number of A*-A results this year are 45%, a huge improvement on 2019 (30%).

A*-B results - 81% (56%)
A*-C results – 95% (87%)

 In addition, our D-Tech (‘A’ Level equivalent 5) results have also been outstanding.

The percentage of results that attained distinction or distinction star (A-A*) was a brilliant 78%.

This will of course mean that our pupils can now access the best universities on offer. The percentage of our pupils achieving their university and course of choice is 90%.

These results not only remind me of the talent, hard work and resilience of my staff and pupils, but also show that with the correct attitude all obstacles can be overcome.

My congratulations to my entire staff, my pupils, and of course their parents.

Below are some outstanding results from individual pupils:

Jessica Uzoh  1A*, 1A and 1B      Cambridge - Law
Fiona Adenuga  3 A*’s  Warwick - Law
Solomon Areoye 1 A* and 2A's Warwick – Biomedical Systems Engineering
Kizrene Dodoo 2 A*s and 1A Sheffield - Law
Ifeoma Enujuba 3A*s Birmingham - Law
Jesus Gutierrez-Fernandez 1A*, 2A’s and B Queen Mary - Computer Science
Matthew Green 2 A*s and 1A Kings College - War Studies and History
Mia Malijan 1A* and 2A's UAL - Art Foundation
Pearl Odutayo 1A* and 2A's Leeds - Biomedical Science
Sylvester Ozo  2A*'s and 1A Warwick - Accounting and Finance
Phaedra Shodipe 4A's Sunderland - Biomedical Science
Agnes Tegile 3A*'s and 1A Aston - Medicine
Jennifer Ani 3A's Keele - Medicine
Oluwafolakemi Fatinikun 3A's Keele - Medicine
Divine Kimboko 3A's Goldsmiths - Law
Ifechukwude Okadiegbo 3A's Birmingham - International Relations


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